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Bad Bike Parking 101

June 23rd, 2012 | Categories: Parking | 1 comment

With the reawakening of biking in Baltimore, new city ordinances and codes requiring bike parking, more racks have popped up around town.  While the intent to provide racks is always appreciated, the planning, installation and proper use can make good intentions seem for naught.

McHenry Row – The new bike racks at Harris Teeter became an instant urban legend .  Great place to shop, terrible place to park a bike.   While the site intended to park 6 bikes each, a poor rack design and incorrect installation made it only feasible to park 2.    As you can see from the picture, the rack is placed as close to the wall as possible, leaving no room for wheel clearance.  It is possible to park on the ends, which is the only part of the rack that’s going to last.   The small metal bands in the middle are not going to hold up to weather, bolt cutter or the swift impact from a Timberland.  On a good note, the racks are powder-coated, which will limit dinging up bikes.  There are total of 3 of these racks on site, which can only park 6 bikes out of an intended 18.

  • Justin Winokur

    I contacted Harris Teeter about this a while back. I just sent them a message on their website. Two weeks or so later, I get a call from the guy who was in charge of facilities (or something like that). He was very sorry about the racks and a little bit annoyed that whomever sold them to Harris Teeter didn’t make it clear that they suck. He asked my opinion on better racks and to describe why these sucked.

    I thought it was pretty cool that my letter got so high up. Hopefully he will do something about it. If you want to contact me separately, I’ll give you the guys contact information.



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