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2’s Company, 3’s Crowd on Bus Racks

August 18th, 2011 | Categories: Infrastructure, People | 3 comments

 In my (almost) 3 years of using MTA’s bike racks on buses, never once has there been 2 bikes on the racks.  Yesterday, that changed.   Evaluating the Lexington Market area for bike racks late in the day, I pedalled over to Camden Yards to catch my ride home.  Seconds after I pulled up, a 2nd cyclist pulled up behind me.  We got talking about how much easier it is to bike around town since (more often than not) you get to pass cars sitting in traffic.  When the bus came, we both loaded our rides onto our next ride.

I’ve been seeing more bikes on buses this year:  around town, even in the ‘burbs and Ocean City.  A good trend indeed!  While the current racks, which hold 2 bikes, satisifies the demand, how long will it take before 3 or more bikes need that extra transit lift?

  • Anonymous

    I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use a bike bus rack when I broke a spoke about 15 miles from home and needed a ride. There is a reason that I keep my CharmCard with me when riding during the day when I can’t really call someone to pick me up. I was nervous about loading it but it worked well. And it was nicely secured.

    With that said, the second bike on the rack in your picture is on incorrectly. The clasp is supposed to go over the front wheel.

  • Nate Evans

    The ROSS is loaded backwards, but it stayed on for the ride.  (I took this pic after we reach our destination)

  • Seth Lueck

    exciting trend.  nice job, nate



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