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The 2011 Bob Moore Memorial Moonlight Madness Ride

June 17th, 2011 | Categories: Events | Post Comment


Wednesday, July 13th at War Memorial Plaza 
Meetup at 7:30, Roll out at 8:00 PM
400 E. Fayette St, Baltimore, MD

Ride leaders, sweepers and intersection guides are always needed
so let me know if you want to help!

Bike Commuter Workshop

June 16th, 2011 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

A Smarter Way to Get There
Bike 101 Commuter Workshop

Thursday, June 30th
5:30-7:30 PM
Harbor East, 650 South Exeter Street
7th Floor Courtyard

Waterfront Partnership and Bike Maryland are teaming up to host a workshop on the basics of bicycle commuting. Topics will include getting started, staying safe of the road, choosing the right equipment, routes, bicycling in various types of weather, and more! Light refreshments will be served.

All attendees will be entered to win a TREK 700 hybrid bike!

To register or for more information email

Don’t Bash Dundalk, Bike It!

June 16th, 2011 | Categories: People | 3 comments

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard some fairly negative comments about the land beyond the city line, known as “The County” or “The Country” as Deangelo called it in Season 1.  Some of these comments were directed at Dundalk, which I’m going to take quick offense too.  Why are locals so down on Dundalk?  I’ve never got it.

When my grandparents moved here from southwest Virginia in the 1940s, my granddad worked at “The Point” so they located in Dundalk, first on Yorkway, then over to the Graceland Park section of Dundalk. Graceland Park straddles the city/county line just east of Dundalk Avenue.  This little community is made up of single family bungalows with churches, corner stores and bars (Hop’s Inn & Railway Inn) woven together under a canopy of old trees.

My soon-to-be retired mom graduated from Dundalk High back in 19somethingorother and her retirement party was held at the Sparrows Point Country Club.  Being only 10 miles from my office, I biked over.  Kinda fitting that Tuesday being Flag Day, I bike some of the proposed Star Spangled Banner National Historic Trail over to North Point.

My trip outta town followed Aliceanna and Boston St over to Newkirk St.  If you’re not looking for Newkirk, you’ll fly by it and realize in the middle of the 95/895/O’Donnell/Boston craziness interchange that you missed it.  Despite being a heavy truck route, Newkirk is pretty bikeable because only trucks use it, plus its being repaved next year.  Down Newkirk, I swung a left at the old fire station underneath 95 (or was it 895) and picked up Holabird Ave.  Now this part is a little tricky:  Just as you would want to get up some speed, there are serious railroad tracks followed immediately by an exit ramp dumping onto Holabird.  Sure, its tough, but a whole lot easier than going through the  intersection mentioned above.  From there, you’re golden – just take the lane all the way out to Dundalk Avenue with fresh asphalt here to boot.

As you cross Dundalk Avenue, you enter “The County!”  Motorists don’t instantly become more aggressive.  Strip malls don’t miraculously line the arterials.  The skyline does not spontaneously consist of McMansions, but once you pass the cars parked in front of Squire’s, the road does get fairly bikeable.  (At this point, Dundalk proper is a mile or so to the south)  The 2 lane industrial highway becomes a 1 lane road through a mostly residential area with sporadic businesses, including one of the original MARS supermarkets.  The speed limit drops to 30 mph and with the spaced signals, I was able to keep pace with traffic.

Crossing Merritt Blvd, Holabird Avenue becomes Wise Avenue and the adventure picks up pace.  Here, we’re back out to 2 lanes, which I seemed to have all to myself.  There were no tailgaters and as I rolled up to the signals, all the cars were in the left hand lane.  (Was I wearing a “Mr. Zero” shirt or something?)  The road dropped back down to one lane and I passed the Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Station.  These guys do THE BEST TRAIN GARDEN in town!   Like a trip to 34th St, no Bawlmer Christmas is complete without a trip to check out the train garden.

One really cool thing that Dundalk & North Point utilize is the openness of the waterfront.  I would highly recommend touring the series of county parks that line Bear Creek.  Even taking some of the quiet residential streets here offers some impressive views of the water.  While my trip ended at the Sparrows Point Country Club, there are cool sites further south.  Once you pass Pop’s Tavern and swing around The Point to Edgemere, check out the old Bay Shore at North Point State Park, the community of Miller’s Island with the Dock of the Bay restaurant, Todd’s Inheritance and Fort Howard.  You can’t go wrong with Dundalk’s Heritage Fair and 4th of July Parade either.

Don’t wait for the War of 1812 Bicentennial, summer is the perfect time to go bike Dundalk.  Its more Bawlmer than you think.

“Ride Around the Reservoir” Getting Too Popular

June 15th, 2011 | Categories: Events | Comments are off for this post

Recreation and Park’s “Ride Around the Reservoir” bike program at Druid Hill Park runs 5pm-8pm, each Wednesday through Aug. 31.  However, its’ popularity has resulted in needing more help handing out bikes and keeping track of riders incoming and outgoing.  If you are available after work on Wednesdays, and want to help us keep a popular program running, please contact  Molly Gallant  for details.

Green Grows The Bike Lane

June 14th, 2011 | Categories: Infrastructure | 11 comments

The bike lane on northbound President St received its first coat of green

The last element of the Southeast Bicycle Network is being installed this week:  the green treatment of the President St bike lanes.   A local cyclist shared his thoughts on the improvements: “I’ll ride these bike lanes sometimes, but this road just scares me.”  The green is intended to help motorists be more aware of the bike lane and cyclists using it.

Bike Month Winner Gets His Cake!

June 10th, 2011 | Categories: Events, People | Post Comment

Erica of Charm City Cakes presents Skip Slomski with the Grand Prize. Congratulations to Skip & thanks Charm City Cakes for such an awesome prize!

 For details, check out the B’more Bike Month site

East Coast Greenway Job Opening

June 9th, 2011 | Categories: Programs | Post Comment

The East Coast Greenway Alliance seeks a Regional Trail Coordinator for the mid-Atlantic region.  This position carries region-wide responsibilities for all aspects of ECGA involvement in trail implementation, and more.  Location within the Mid-Atlantic region is somewhat flexible.  The closing date for applications is June 20th.

If you are passionate about seeing the ECG completed from New York to DC, then this is the job for you!  For more information, visit the job description here

B’more Bike Month Video Recap

June 8th, 2011 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

This new video includes clips from Bike to Work Day, Bike Jam, the Kids’ Rodeo, the Bellemore Hill Climb and the Ladies Ride.

Don’t forget to celebrate the end of Bike Month this Friday at West Shore Park from 4pm – 7pm

Artscape Bike Parking Returns!

June 6th, 2011 | Categories: Events, Parking | 3 comments

BALTIMORE OFFICE OF PROMOTION & THE ARTS is seeking Bike Parking Coordinators for the 30th anniversary Artscape festival, July 15, 16 & 17, 2011.  Volunteers monitor a dedicated area at Artscape for festival-goers who arrive by bikes and need to secure them.  For the 3rd year, volunteers show bicyclists how to put bikes in bike racks securely.  Coordinators also maximize the racks’ capacity and keep the area organized.  This year, we’re also officially tracking just how many bikes are parking at Artscape!

This is a great social activity for bike enthusiasts to talk cycling with each other and with festival-goers. 

Additionally, over 30 different volunteer opportunities are available in other areas of the festival, all of which provide volunteers with behind-the-scenes experiences at the country’s largest free public arts festival!  Artscape relies on hundreds of volunteers for its success.

 As a Thank You, each volunteer receives free (vehicle or bike) parking, beverages, snacks and an official 30th anniversary Artscape t-shirt. 

If you are interested in volunteering, visit to complete a short online application and to create your own schedule by selecting your volunteer opportunities and shifts.  Online registration will close on Thursday, June 30th.  A confirmation of your schedule and check-in details will be emailed to you.  If you want to assist with bike parking, you must register ahead of time.  Sorry, no exceptions.

Please contact if you have questions about volunteering.

Bellemore Hill Climb Results

June 6th, 2011 | Categories: Events | 4 comments

Joe signing up riders before The Climb

Last Sunday morning, the final event of Bike Month took place at the Bellemore Hill Climb.  For some, it was just a matter of survival.  For others, it was a full on battle that tested some friendships.

After finishing first in a Category 3 race the day before at Bike Jam, Tom Mackay brought it Sunday and finished with the best time: 2:56.54!

Here are the results from Bellemore!
1. Thomas Mackay 2:56:54
2.  Robert Choroste 3:12:44
3. Adam Zeldin 3:25:26
4. Eric Schmitt  3:29:07
5. Patrick Gore- Traill 3:33:47
6. Brain Buerger 3:37:13
7. Bob Wagner 4:02:16
8. Josue Martinez 4:04:50
9. Tammi Staffer 4:14:05
10. Nate Evans 4:45:13
11. Paul Cramer 5:27:18



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