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Project Clean Stream 2011

March 30th, 2011 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

Project Clean Stream, an annual stream and shoreline clean-up, takes place Saturday, April 2nd, from 9am to 12pm.  MORE (Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts) will be working in Zone B of the Loch Raven Reservoir.  Come join area volunteers as we work to clean up our water supply!

Supplies will be provided on site for clean-up, but wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy!  Bring gloves, water and a snack.  Bring as many small grocery bags as possible and we’ll provide the larger bags.

Please carpool & park along the Dulaney Valley Rd at the Jarrettsville Pike fork, just north of the bridge over Loch Raven.

Last year, we had over 100 volunteers pull a couple tons of trash out of Loch Raven Reservoir.  Let’s see how much we can get this year!

For more details, contact Dave Blum at or visit Loch Raven Trail Access

Winning Campaigns Coming to Baltimore

March 29th, 2011 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

A powerful campaign to increase biking and walking takes time, research and plenty of knowledge about grassroots organizing. Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts in transforming your community. But there is one way to get your campaign on the fast track to victory.

The Alliance for Biking & Walking created its Winning Campaigns Training to give both novice and veteran bicycle and pedestrian advocates the skills, strategies and advice they need to kickstart and turbocharge campaigns to improve biking and walking. What better way to start your summer than attending the Alliance training in Baltimore, Maryland, May 13-15, Led by longtime advocates and national experts, the training teaches participants how to:

* Identify and map the key decisionmakers
* Craft a persuasive message to rally members and policy makers
* Use media outlets to communicate to a broad audience
* Become an effective fundraiser
* And much more!

The workshop is hosted by Bike Maryland and facilitated by Alliance staff and consultants, who will help you create a detailed Campaign Blueprint to chart your path to victory, step by step. But the Winning Campaigns Training is more than a class. It’s a fun, interactive, inspiring experience that fosters collaboration and connection among your region’s advocates. Sign up for this affordable training by March 1 and get the early-bird registration rate!

Are you interested in the training, but still have questions? Join the conference call on April, 5 at 6:30 PM ET. Just call 712-432-9998, use pass code 573985# and learn more about this exciting weekend!

Take advantage of this unique offering in your area; join us for the Winning Campaigns Training in Baltimore, Maryland, May 13-15th!

Baltimore County Fills Sidewalk Gaps

March 28th, 2011 | Categories: Programs | 3 comments

County Exec. Kevin Kamenetz (center) joined by (l-r) State Sen. Kathy Klausmeier, Councilman David Marks, & DPW Director Ed Adams at the groundbreaking of a sidewalk in Perry Hall

A couple years ago, Chris DeFeo, David Marks & I spearheaded the “Walkable Perry Hall Report” which identified sidewalk gaps throughout the community.  The report not only recognized gaps in the pedestrian transportation system, but also prioritizes improvements based on cost, impact of improvements and benefits to the community.   The textbook case was a 700 foot gap on Ebenezer Road between Tremper Farm and Northgate Hall.   This missing sidewalk forced pedestrians into the roadway with vehicles travelling 35-45 mph and separated communities from the local elementary school and regional park.

It seemed like a long, uphill fight to get this sidewalk constructed.  Even during community meetings, a now retired DPW official indicated that Perry Hall needs to get in line for all the sidewalk improvements needed.   He also indicated that making pedestrian improvements to adjacent Honeygo Blvd were not likely to happen since “the county designed this road to get as many cars through as fast as possible.”  So much for “Safe Routes to School”

Today, that sidewalk gap was filled!  Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz was joined by (now) Councilman David Marks, State Senator Kathy Klausmeier and DPW Director Ed Adams to break ground on a new sidewalk that would bridge the gap between neighborhoods and community ammentities.  As David Marks and I have planned the Walk To School Day event at Joppa View Elementary School for the past three years, this improvement will help more kids walk to school.  This simple sidewalk improves safety, encourages active transportation and takes a few more cars off the road.

This simple sidewalk showcases advocacy at its finest.  Not only did this simple project finally get built, but those involved got elected and the project that identified this gap was included as an appendix to the Perry Hall Community Plan.  Today was a great day for walking proponents!

Special thanks to those involved today including County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, Councilman David Marks, State Senator Kathy Klausmeier, Perry Hall Improvement Association Dennis Robinson, and Joppa View Elementary School PTA President Patty Smith.

You can read more about today’s event at the Perry Hall Patch and the Baltimore Sun

Bike Dictionary – The Social Sharrow

March 28th, 2011 | Categories: Infrastructure | 7 comments

A 'social sharrow' not on Fait & Montford St in southeast Baltimore

Social Sharrow – (so-shul shair-0), n. – a unique bicycle facility installation that allows cyclists to ride side by side and converse while pedalling city streets.  Sure to upset motorists, this facility definitely increases bikesposure.

Manslaughter by Vehicle Passes House

March 25th, 2011 | Categories: Programs | Post Comment

House Bill 363 passed the Maryland House of Delegates! Be sure to contact your state senator and encourage them to support this important legislation

Over at the Baltimore Sun, Rob Kasper has a few things to say about bike safety (even if a few facts are off)

Manslaughter by Vehicle Bill Advances in Annapolis

March 24th, 2011 | Categories: Programs | 2 comments

The House Judiciary Committee unanimously passed House Bill 363 (Manslaughter by Motor Vehicle Criminal Negligence) out of Committee.  This bill will make it a misdemeanor for one person to cause the death of another while operating a motor vehicle or vessel.  (Vessel?  Yes, boats are included too.  This IS Maryland.)

This law may not help protect cyclists or pedestrians more, but it does bring about a more equitable outcome when such tragic incidents occur.  Under current state law, motorists can be penalized with a $1000 fine for taking someone’s life while driving.  Paying a fine does not even require a court appearance.

HB 363 will need to be voted on favorably by the House for it to move to the Senate for a vote. If voted on favorably by the Senate, we expect the Governor to sign the bill into law. This is the first time in seven years that this bill will (hopefully) make it to the Senate for a vote.

If you want to see this bill pass, please contact your delegates and state senators TODAY!  You can find your elected officials here 

Film of Nathan’s Ride

March 23rd, 2011 | Categories: Events | 1 comment

Last Christmas, my wife gave me a helment cam which I (finally) got to use it on Nathan’s Ride.  So, after realizing that I really need a better video card in my computer and some file compaction, I was able to put together a video of the ride.

Nathan’s Ride is posted on the BikeBmore Youtube Channel.


Welcome to the New B’more Bikes Blog

March 22nd, 2011 | Categories: Programs | Post Comment

See, it wasn’t so bad afterall…

Thanks again everyone for following the old blog for the last 9 months or so.  It was a nice old blog, but didn’t give the bike community of Baltimore enough coverage.  The blossoming bike community in Baltimore is so much more than a transportation project.

So here we are!  Keep sending me comments on what works, and what doesn’t work with bike stuff around town.

Look to your right to see the links to the Facebook group, the new BmoreBikes twitter page and the newly expanded BikeBmore Youtube Channel.   This channel highlights some spins around town and other two-wheeled adventures beyond Charm City.  I’ll add more videos as they’re made.  Last night, I went into the achieves and posted a ride with the Mayor from a couple years ago.  You might recognize a few characters in this clip….


Meals on Wheels By Bike

March 21st, 2011 | Categories: People, Programs | Post Comment

Meals On Two-Wheels

“What’s that?”

“It’s my bike helmet–this thing is a rearview mirror.”

“Oh . . . you biked here?”

“Yeah, I bike everywhere.”

“Wow, good for you. Have a nice day!”

“You too.”

And with that, I headed home from my first day delivering meals with Meals On Wheels with a big smile on my face. For anyone who may be unfamiliar with Meals On Wheels, they provide nutritious meals to people who are homebound due to age or disability. It’s a great organization that does important work to help people stay in their homes, and when I heard that they already had one cyclist volunteer delivering meals in Baltimore, and were looking for more, I jumped at the opportunity.

If anything, the whole experience was too easy. I made five deliveries–three in one building, one across the street, and one more just a few blocks away. I rode less than a mile from the pickup to the last delivery. The bags that they lent me fit perfectly inside my grocery panniers, and best of all, all the recipients were home, were able to answer the door, and were extremely friendly–I had a few remark that I was a new face, and ask how often I’d be back. Unfortunately, with my work schedule I can only manage once per month. It was great to be helping folks out in the community, and do a little PR for cyclists in the process.

Choosing to bike instead of drive makes the world a better place: besides reducing pollution, it saves roadspace and significantly reduces the physical danger one poses to other road users. So it makes sense that cyclists would want to volunteer to help those in need–especially if you’re doing something that most people assume would require a car. Delivering meals with Meals On Wheels is an easy way to get out into the community and squeeze a few more miles in during your lunch hour, all while providing an important service to people in need.

If you want to volunteer with Meals On Wheels in Baltimore, contact Liz Galea at Volunteers deliver meals on weekdays between 10:30am and 12:30pm, but the delivery itself will take an hour or less.

Today’s blog post comes from John Stechschulte.  Thanks to John for sharing his delivery experience with us!  John’s an active member of the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee & regular bike commuter.  Meals on Wheels is a co-sponsor of the B’more Bike Month Challenge.


March 18th, 2011 | Categories: Events | Post Comment

As if the warmer weather wasn’t enough to tell you spring is almost here, so is BIKE MONTH. Internationally, May is Bike Month and this year we’re celebrating all month long in Baltimore.  While we’ve always had the Kinetic Sculpture Race, Bike To Work Day and Bike Jam in May, now we’re filling the rest of the calendar with something ‘bikey’ every day….and we’re making it interesting.

We are having a month long contest to see who can participate in the most events.

Check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITE and contest rules. It’s not too late to have your event or volunteer opportunity included!

We’re still establishing ‘pitstops’ around the city for Bike To Work Day on Friday, May 20th.  If you would like to coordinate a pit stop or add an event to the calendar, please email Paul Day at

Registration opens to the general public on April 1st, 2011. Check back for special promotions and opportunities during Bike Month.



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