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County Bill 2-11 Work Session Update

February 2nd, 2011 | Categories: People | 2 comments

Today, I was joined by Carol Silldorff of Bike Maryland and Charlie Murphy to testify in support of Baltimore County Council Bill 2-11 which will create the Baltimore County Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee.  This legislation was introduced by David Marks (District 5) and Tom Quirk (District 1) to “rebalance the signficance and role of streets and roads within the County’s communities so that they serve the needs of all transportation users.”

This bill also provides for:

This is a very legitimate plan, almost identica to what Baltimore City has undergone over the past 3 years.  Yet, some county council members are not convinced this is a good idea.  

If you live in the county, specifically the 4th, 6th and 7th Districts, please contact your council member and support Bill 2-11.  Not sure what district you live in?  Check it out here

Bill 2-11 is up for vote next Monday, February 7th

Like Charlie said, “This bill is not about us.  It’s about our kids and our grandkids”



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