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12 Bike Things You Should Do in 2014

January 1st, 2014 | Categories: Programs | 2 comments

BBPHere’s a list of bike things you should do this year in Baltimore in no particular order:

1. Join a local bike advocacy group – C’mon what’s $25 a year?  Whether it’s BikemoreMOREor Bike Maryland, your membership funds along with hundreds of others add up to fund full time advocacy positions which in turn creates a more bike-friendlier environment for everyone.
2. Participate in a local fundraiser ride – Whether its Tour dem Parks, Patapsco 100 or Tour du Port, these rides help fund many other bike events throughout the year.  Even though more competitive in nature, the Charm City Cyclocross also qualifies here.
3. Request a bike rack – Now that Baltimore City Department of Transportation has bike racks in stock, let them know where you’d like to legitimately park your bike.  Email the city’s new bike & pedestrian planner Caitlin Doolin or post on Social Cyclist to file a request
4. Bike commute or semi-bike commute at least once – So you live 15 miles from your office, drive a little closer and ride in.  Try it first on a weekend, just to test the routes.  If you need route suggestions, post questions below.
5. Attend the ABW Winning Campaign or the Bike Symposium
6. Take a non-riding friend for a bike ride  There are few things more rewarding than seeing a friend discover the joy of riding.  Besides the whole exercise/zero emissions thing, its the ‘fun factor’ that can’t be overstated.
7.Set a personal biking goal and do it!   Biking across the U.S. isn’t for everyone, but if that’s your goal, then do it!  Consider a mileage goal for the year, biking to a destination, participating in a bike race, or trying a new type of riding (mountain, road, distance, touring, cyclocross, etc.).  If you need help meeting goals, Strava can help.
8. Attend the Maryland Avenue Cycletrack public meeting, February 4th.
9. Go for a slow bike ride Not every ride needs to have a purpose.  Go for a ride as slow as possible and just have fun!  A beach cruiser would probably be best suited for this ride.
10. Take a spin class The winter is the best time of year to do a spin class.  Not only will you get a decent workout, but also awaken different muscle groups to improve your overall riding.  Spin classes are available at local gyms, rec centers and the YMCA.
11.  Volunteer for non-riding bike event like bike counts, assist with any of the events listed in #1 above, table for any of the organizations in #3 above or for Rides Around the Reservoir or Laps Around the Lake. The Baltimore Family Bike Party can always use shepherding help as the parents are typically tending to their children.
12.  Ride the Kinetic Sculpture Race, this year held on May 3because no Baltimore Bike Year is complete without it.

Happy New Year!  Pedal On Safely!



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